FAQ: LedgerX is now FTX US Derivatives

About the FTX.US Acquisition 

We are excited to announce that LedgerX is officially FTX US Derivatives! FTX.US acquired LedgerX in October. The change will bring an increased focus on serving our customers with more trading features and allow us to expand further in the crypto derivatives market. 

Please refer to this page as a general resource about the acquisition and account integration. We will update this page whenever changes are applied.

Will there be changes to my FTX US Derivatives (formerly LedgerX) account?

Your account will remain the same! LedgerX is now doing business under the name FTX US Derivatives but no changes have been made to your account.

Regulations and licenses remain the same. See more details on Regulation and Security. 

Does having an FTX US Derivatives account grant me access to an FTX.US account?

Your FTX US Derivatives account is separate from your FTX.US account. If you have an FTX US Derivatives account and want an FTX.US account, you need to open an FTX.US account separately (for now at least!) 

Accounts are separate and require separate log-ins and credentials.  

Do you support USD and Crypto transfers between FTX US Derivatives and FTX.US?

We do not currently support a transfer-free linkage of USD, ETH, and BTC between FTX US Derivatives and FTX.US. 

Does FTX US Derivatives offer margin now that we have been acquired by FTX.US? 

No, we do not currently offer margin on FTX US Derivatives products. 

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