API is available for both retail and institutional customers on FTX US Derivatives. 

All trades are reported to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The FTX US Derivatives APIs use JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication.

API Keys generated here are incompatible with the FTX US platform, and vice-versa. If you have accounts on both platforms, you will need to generate separate sets of keys.


API Reference

Once you have access to FTX US Derivatives, log in and go to the API Keys page on your profile. There you will be able to create new API keys for your account. You can assign a custom nickname and expiration time for each API key. 

API Docs can be found here 

Roles and Permissions

The FTX US Derivatives Platform supports multiple types of user roles to help our customers implement strong controls on account activity.

All keys are assigned the same Roles and Permissions as the user who created them.

Currently-supported roles are TraderAdmin and Auditor. By default, new accounts start with the Trader + Admin combination role (i.e. all actions permitted). 

Add Users to your Account

Add/Edit users on the fly under the account settings tab of your profile.

1. Sign in to your FTX US Derivatives account and navigate to the "account settings" section. This can be found on the left-hand pane of your dashboard. 

2. Add users on an ad hoc basis and customize permission levels specific to each user.  View specifics on user permissions and roles. 

3. Easily navigate between Active/Inactive users. Users can have their own 2FA set up when their status gets switched to active. 

Issues with API codes? 

Head to our API discussion board on Discord or email us at support@ledgerx.com and let us know the following:

- What endpoints are you hitting / what does it look like?
- Can you send the exact error message and code?


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