Open an Institutional Account

Institutional accounts on MIAXdx must qualify as Eligible Contract Participants (ECPs). Negotiated block trading and options portfolio netting is only available to institutional accounts.  

You can open an institutional account at After confirming your email and entering your contact information, you will be asked if you qualify for block trading on MIAXdx. Click "yes," select your ECP status and continue. 

Do I qualify for an institutional account as, an Eligible Contract Participant (ECP)?  

Institutional accounts on MIAXdx must qualify as an Eligible Contract Participant (ECP).

Participants can qualify as an ECP in a number of ways, such as meeting a net asset requirement: net assets exceeding $1 million for entity accounts hedging risk or $5 million for individual investors if hedging risk. If you qualify to be an ECP and are interested in learning more, you can contact us at or start your application today at

What is an Eligible Contract Participant? 
Entity and individual ECPs are classified in the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) based on their regulated status or amount of assets. An Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) is a special category by the CFTC for entities (corporations, trusts, brokerage firms, etc.) or high-net-worth individuals that allows them to engage in certain financial transactions that are not open to all investors.

The definition of "Eligible Contract Participant" (ECP) is found in Section 1a(18) of the CEA (7 U.S.C. § 1a(18)). 
What is portfolio netting?
Portfolio netting is an opt-in collateral program for options trading available for MIAXdx institutional accounts. Netting increases collateral efficiency by netting risk exposures by netting options contracts of the same type and tenor. This enables investors to hold long and short options positions at MIAXdx and only lock the maximum potential loss from offsetting positions.

You can read more details on portfolio netting here



API Trading

You can connect and trade directly to our HTTP+ websockets API. Participants can view our API documentation here.

Users can generate API keys in My Profile > API Keys

Manage Users

Add/Edit users on the fly under the account settings tab of your profile.

1. Sign in to your MIAXdx account and navigate to the "account settings" section. This can be found on the left-hand pane of your dashboard. 

2. Add users on an ad hoc basis and customize permission levels specific to each user.  View specifics on user permissions and roles. 

3. Easily navigate between Active/Inactive users. Users can have their own 2FA set up when their status gets switched to active. 

Note: To change your email address or phone number, contact support at

Allowlisting for Institutional Accounts

Multiple Admins can seamlessly view, approve or reject Allowlist requests directly on MIAXdx.

Only admins can approve/remove the allowlist - see Roles and Permissions 

  • Admins are notified whenever a Withdrawal request takes place
  • Each corresponding Admin will receive a notification that Withdrawal requests have been initiated and the entire team is contacted for approval
  • Balance and History view displays requests that are pending and completed; all valid admins are notified of requests and prompted for approval

Example of multi-Admins with Allowlisting

  • Admin 1 initiates a withdrawal and gets a notification that a withdrawal has been initiated:
  • The Admin team is contacted to approve the withdrawal request
  • Admin 2 views with the option to approve or reject the request
  • Admin 2 approves by entering in 2FA code to validate:
  • After approval, both Admin 1 and Admin 2 can see that the withdrawal is approved.
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