Withdraw dollars from MIAXdx


You can withdraw US dollars from your account via wire transfer. ACH transfers are not permitted at this time. Funds will be locked from trading when you submit your withdrawal request.

To withdraw $ > Add your bank account > Submit Withdrawal Request > Confirm via email.

Details are provided below. 

Add Your Bank Account

  1. Sign in to your MIAXdx account and navigate to Settings
  2. Addresses are required for wire transfers. You will need to update the address on your profile to the mailing address associated with your bank account. 
  3. Click Add Bank Account


  4. Add your bank details including ABA wire routing number and bank account number. Please note, we only send wire transfers.

Note: Your wire routing number is often different than the bank transfer (ACH) routing number found at the bottom of your checks.

Please contact your bank or visit their website for wire instructions.
If you enter in an ACH routing number, you will receive the following error message:


5. If you need to add a memo or "for further credit to" information make sure to add it here. Please check if your bank requires this information. This is generally required when wiring to a brokerage or intermediary. 



Submit Withdrawal Request

  1. Sign in to your MIAXdx account, navigate to Transfer Funds> Withdraw > select US dollars.
  2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw in the “USD Amount” field. There is no minimum dollar withdrawal. Note: Available funds for withdrawal include your order funds. If you have open orders and request a withdrawal for your full Available balance, your open orders will be canceled when you submit the withdrawal. 
  3. Carefully review the instructions in the withdrawal window. If your bank requires a memo or "for further credit to" information, please make sure you included that when you added your bank account in Settings. 
  4. Enter the 6 digit two-factor authentication code. This code can be found under the authenticator app that you use to log in to your MIAXdx account.
  5. Click “Send Email Verification”



  6.  Approve withdrawal via Email: When the withdrawal is submitted, you will receive an email notifying you that a withdrawal from your account has been requested.

    This email will contain a link that says “Approve Withdrawal”, which you will need to click in order to confirm the withdrawal.

    Please check that the withdrawal details are correct in the email, and then confirm the withdrawal by clicking the confirmation link. 

Note: Accounts with more than one Admin require confirmation from two Admins. See [Withdrawals with multiple Admins]

Your withdrawal will be marked as “Pending” until you confirm or cancel your withdrawal. When a withdrawal is confirmed and marked as “Processing” it can no longer be canceled.

Processing Times

Dollar withdrawals are processed throughout the day on weekdays. Withdrawals submitted and confirmed weekdays before 4pm ET will be processed the same day. Withdrawals confirmed after 4pm will be processed the next business day. 

Dollar withdrawal requests submitted between market close on Friday and market close on Monday will be processed on Monday.

Withdrawal Status

Withdrawals are labeled with a status to show the stage the withdrawal is in. You can check the status of your withdrawal here: Withdrawal History

Withdrawal has been requested and is awaiting your confirmation. Please confirm the withdrawal by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email. For accounts with more than one Admin, the withdrawal will be pending until two admins confirm the withdrawal. 
Withdrawal request has been canceled. A withdrawal can only be canceled while in the Pending status.
To cancel your withdrawal, click the Cancel button next to the withdrawal here.
MIAXdx has contacted you and canceled your withdrawal request. 
Withdrawal has been confirmed and has moved from the Pending status to Processing. Withdrawals that have been confirmed are processed at 4pm ET on weekdays. 
USD wire has been sent
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