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LedgerX only accepts wire transfers for U.S. dollar deposits. All other types of transfers (including ACH transfers) will be rejected. The wire must come from a bank account that matches the name of your LedgerX LLC account. All other wires will be rejected. 


Initiating a wire transfer

All wires to your LedgerX account must be initiated from a bank account in your name. If you initiate a transfer from a bank account that is not in your name, it will be rejected. 

  1. Submit a Deposit Notice on LedgerX:  On the platform,>hover over 'Transfer Funds' > select 'Deposit USD' > Enter the amount you plan on sending.
  2. Contact your bank and issue a wire transfer from your bank account
  3. Select wire transfer. All other types of transfers will be rejected. Return of funds can take up to 10-15 business days. 
      • Note: We do not charge for any wire transfers however, check with your bank to review their fees as some banks charge a $20-30 fee per wire transfer. 
  4. Copy your Account ID number and enter this in the "Memo" or "Reference" field of the transfer. 
  5. Include the bank address and routing number needed for incoming wires to our bank. For your convenience, this information can be found under the deposit notice section on the platform and will also be emailed to you upon creating a deposit notice. 
  6. Your bank will provide you with an 18-digit Wire Fed Reference Number (Note: this is not the Bank Reference Number). 
  7. Usually, wires take a day but have seen them take longer on the first deposit.  Please note, we cannot accept ACH transfers at this time, so if you sent your transfer via ACH, our bank will automatically reject it and return it to you. ACH transfers usually take 3-10 business days.

Wire Transfers

When will my funds be available on LedgerX?
LedgerX will approve your deposit notice the same business day that we receive your wire. When your wire is approved, you will receive an email confirmation and the funds will be listed in your Available for Trading balance.
Can I send a wire from a joint bank account?
Yes, you can wire USD to LedgerX from a joint bank account. If your name is not included in the wire details, LedgerX will need you to provide proof that you are a joint owner of the account. Please send this proof of ownership, such as a bank statement, to
Can I send a wire from a trust or company account?
The wire must come from a bank account that matches the name of your LedgerX account. We will not accept funds from a trust or company account for your personal account even if you are the 100% owner. Funds will be rejected and returned to you. We will accept funds from a trust account if your account at LedgerX is a trust account.  We will accept funds from a company account if your account at LedgerX is a company account. 
Can I wire funds from another crypto exchange?
We may not be able to accept funds from another crypto exchange at this time, because they are not wired in a bank account in your name. Due to this, we have no way to match the wire to your bank account. You can wire funds from a bank account in your name or a bank account of which you are the 100% owner. At this time, we suggest wiring funds from a bank account you own, unless the exchange specifies they are able to wire the funds with your account details.
My bank is asking to send trial deposits
We cannot confirm trial deposits for ACH transfers because our bank account only accepts wire transfers. These trial deposits will automatically be sent back to you when they hit our bank account. You can contact your bank about sending a wire transfer to our account. We will be supporting linking bank accounts later in 2022.
ACH Transfers vs Wire Transfers
Wire transfers are immediate whereas ACH payments take 2-3 business days. We only accept Wire Transfers at this time. A wire transfer is an electronic payment service used to move money between accounts. Wire Transfers are fast and typically arrive within the same day you initiate the transfer. You may be charged a wire fee by your bank. LedgerX does not charge wire fees. ACH transfers take 3-5 business days to process into an account. We do not accept ACH transfers.  ACH transfers are typically free however some banks may charge a small fee for expedited services or transfers to outside banks.
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