Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In addition to entering a password to log in to MIAXdx, you will also enter a two-factor authentication (2FA) code. Two-factor authentication is a required layer of security for your MIAXdx account. This extra step helps ensure that you are the only person who can access your account. Please note, we do not allow two-factor authentication via SMS. 

Using an authentication app

You can use any mobile or desktop app that supports time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs). MIAXdx does not support SMS two-factor authentication.

Set up two-factor authentication

  1. Open your authenticator app
  2. Scan the barcode shown after the password setup screen. If you are on your phone, copy the backup code listed above the barcode and add the key as a manual entry.
  3. Download, print or copy your backup key before continuing two-factor authentication setup.
  4. Your backup key can be used to access your account in the event you cannot receive two-factor authentication codes (new phone, lost device, changed app, etc). Treat this key with the same level of attention as you would your password. We recommend saving it with a password manager.
  5. Enter your 6 digit code from the app. The code will change each time you login.

Reset two-factor authentication

I lost access to my two-factor authentication

We require identity verification to reset two-factor authentication. 

 Go to the login screen

2. Enter your credentials (email + password) 

3. On the next screen, click on "I no longer have access to my 2FA device"

An identity verification link via Persona will be sent to your email to verify your identity and authorize a reset. Please follow this link to verify.

Once you complete the verification, MIAXdx will review your verification and reset your two-factor authentication (2FA). MIAXdx will email you when your reset is complete and you can log in again. 

Note: Authenticator app codes are based on time and thus require the time on your phone to be in-sync with the official time. If your phone's time is out of sync, or if you have changed time zones, the best way to fix it is to change the time settings on your phone from "Manual" to "Automatic".

I need to move my two-factor authentication to a new device
  1. Login to your MIAXdx account with your current 6-digit code
  2. Navigate to Settings on > Security
  3. See Reset Two-Factor Authentication & click Reset
  4. Enter your current 6-digit code
  5. Scan the new QR code or copy key phrase on your new device



Persona ID Verification Troubleshoot

MIAXdx uses a secure ID verification platform called Persona. MIAXdx requires customers to verify their email address, phone number, and ID with Persona in order to reset credentials, make large withdrawals and more.  If you have attempted to upload your ID and receive a notification that it “failed,” here are some tips on what you can do to get verified.

  • Make sure the photo includes the ENTIRE ID along with your name and a clear photo of your face. Any US government-issued ID will work! Persona only accepts ID that is issued by the government of a recognized country/state. This may include a driver’s license, state ID, passport, passport card or a permanent resident card.
  • Retake the photo so that it is not blurry or too dark. Persona requires a clear shot of your ID in order to verify your identity
  • Still not able to verify your ID?  We’re here to help and would be happy to get you set up! Feel free to send an email to  Be sure to include your name and a screenshot of the error message so we know how best to assist you. For your safety, do not send a screenshot or photo of your ID in your email.
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