Covered Calls

Traders commonly use covered calls to generate yield or income on their crypto holdings. The trader collects a premium for selling the call option while maintaining their long bitcoin position (with risk of selling their crypto position if the price rises above the strike price). Take Bitcoin for example;

Covered Call = Long bitcoin + Short call option

You are selling someone else the right to buy bitcoin that you own (hence “covered”) at the strike price on the expiration date. You receive a premium in USD when you sell the covered call.

On LedgerX, 1 contract = 0.01 BTC. So you can sell 1 covered call option for every 0.01 BTC you own, or can sell 100 covered calls for every 1 BTC you own. The bitcoin must be deposited to your LedgerX account to make the trade.


Trading Covered Calls

  1. Select the option you want to trade on the options chain 
  2. Enter the Quantity 
  3. Review or Edit the Price. The top bid is the current highest price you can receive for selling the option
  4. Press Sell and review your order



See Sell Call Options for more details on selling call options on LedgerX.


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