Institutional Block Trading

Institutional investors (ECP's) can use our virtual trading pit to chat with other participants and directly negotiate large blocks. Propose a price and size, and execute the trade on our exchange.  All negotiated trades are centrally cleared through the MIAXdx clearinghouse giving investors execution certainty vs. dealing with 3rd party counterparty risk.

A Negotiated Trade order is an order that is permitted to be pre-negotiated between two counterparties. Block Trades are to be in increments of 100 contracts for BTC or 10 contracts for ETH.

Manage Contacts 

Negotiated Trades contacts can be managed on the under the Institutional Chat. A Participant may add another MIAXdx Participant as a contact by entering their MIAXdx registered email address. A Participant may also remove any contact from their list of contacts.

How it Works

A negotiated trade may be completed over instant message on A Participant may initiate a conversation with any contact by logging into the Web Trading Interface, selecting that contact in the Contacts menu, and pressing Enter Order.

The two Participants bilaterally negotiate the terms of the trade, including price and size. Once the terms are agreed, the Participant who initiated the negotiation will be prompted to enter the details of the trade negotiation. The counterparty will then be prompted to confirm the agreed-upon details, and the trade is submitted to the matching engine.

How to see Negotiated Trades
Negotiated trades are broadcast through the API and displayed on the trade blotter in the same way as any other limit order trade, with the order type indicating that the trade was negotiated.
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