What is order locked and position locked?

You can view your Available for Trading, Order Locked, and Position Locked balances at the top of your LedgerX dashboard.


Available for Trading Dollars and bitcoin available for trading. Order Locked funds are a subset of the Available for Trading balance. 
Order Locked  The amount of dollars and bitcoin locked in open orders. You can use the same dollars and bitcoin against multiple open orders. 
Position Locked The amount of dollars and bitcoin locked in positions. When you close out of a short position, your locked dollars or bitcoin for that position will be unlocked and moved into Available for Trading. Available for Trading

Note: Withdrawing Order Locked funds will cancel open orders. 

Available funds for withdrawal includes your Order Locked funds. If you have Order Locked funds and request a withdrawal for your full Available balance, your open orders will be cancelled when you submit the withdrawal. 


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