Account Value and Balances

Account Value = Available Balances + Position Locked Balances + Position Value

Position Value = Option mid price * # contracts / multiplier

Account value is the dollar value of your available and position-locked balances and your position value. The Brave New Coin indices are used to calculate BTC and ETH available and position locked balances.

Note: Account Value does not represent the value where you could actually sell, but instead represents an approximate metric for the performance of your position given the current mid-price of the contract and size of your position. 



You can view your Available for Trading and Position Locked balances at the top of your MIAXdx dashboard.


Available for Trading Dollars and crypto available for trading. The amount of dollars and crypto locked in open orders are a subset of the Available for Trading balance. You can use the same dollars and crypto against multiple open orders. 
Position Locked The amount of dollars and crypto locked-in positions. When you close out of a short position, your locked dollars or crypto (BTC/ETH) for that position will be unlocked and moved into Available for Trading. 
Open Orders Collateral for an open order remains in available balances until filled or canceled. If the order is filled, then that collateral will move into position-locked funds. You can view all open orders at the bottom of your dashboard under the “open orders” tab. 

Note: Withdrawing Funds that are tied to an open order will cancel open orders. 

Available funds for withdrawal include your Order funds. If you have open orders and request a withdrawal for your full Available balance, your open orders will be canceled when you submit the withdrawal. 


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