Close my Account

If you have a personal account on MIAXdx, individual users can close their accounts by heading to the user profile page on the platform. Company accounts that wish to close their account will need to submit a request to

Close your Account

In order to close your personal account, you must have a zero asset balance and have no open positions:

1. Head to the user profile page on the platform

2. Click on "Close account" at the bottom left of the screen. Please note that all funds and positions must be at zero before closing the account

3. If you have funds or open positions, follow the steps to close your positions and withdraw your balances

4. Once your positions and balance are both at zero, you can confirm and close your account. 

Closing your account is final. Upon successful deactivation, you will be logged out of the platform and unable to log back in. Any active Auditor roles within your account will also be deactivated and unable to log in. An email confirmation will be sent once the account is deactivated. 


Users should download any balance statements prior to deactivating their accounts, balance statements can be found within the documents section of your profile.

If you close your account during the year that you placed trades, please note that a tax document will be sent to you during the subsequent year's tax season.

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