Enable Allowlisting for Withdrawals

About Allowlisting

Allowlisting is an optional security feature that allows you to restrict withdrawals to known addresses.

  • Save time from looking up your BTC withdrawal address 
  • Safely store and reuse trusted crypto addresses for withdrawals

Each new address must clear a 72-hour approval hold before it becomes active for withdrawals. Please note that when adding the first address you will not be able to make a withdrawal for 72 hours.

To ban all allowlisting withdrawal activity, you can leave your address list empty. 

Institutional Users can set up multiple Admin controls. 

1. Head to the Allowlist section under "Settings"allowlist1-automatically_on_2x.png

2. Add Address and create nicknames to easily determine accounts

  • Enter Nickname under Address
  • Enter 6-digit 2FA code from your Authenticator app affiliated with your LX account
  • Add Address 
  • Enter your BTC withdrawal address  


3. Wait 72-hours for allowlist to process:


4. Easily delete addresses that are no longer of use: (Note: There is a 72 hour hold to delete addresses.)


5. After successfully adding an Allowlisting Withdrawal, easily make a BTC Withdrawal

6. Withdraw BTC and select your preferred allowlist wallet address withdraw_with_allowlisting03_2x.png

7. If the withdrawal is > than 1 BTC, an extra security check via persona will occur



Delete Addresses from Allowlisting

When deleting an address from Allowlisting, it will be removed from your account in 72 hours. You will not be able to withdraw from this address during the 72 hour deletion period.

Withdrawals will still be available to your other allowlisted addresses during the 72 hour deletion period.

If you are deleting the only allowlisted address on your account, withdrawals will be disabled on your account for the 72 hour period. Withdrawals will be available to any address after the allowlisted address is deleted from your account.

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